VR-24 Main Gearbox.


Transmission ratio
to a shaft of a main rotor  0,0016
to a shaft of an antitorque rotor 0,2158
Input shaft speed, nominal, rpm 15000
Power transmitted by a Main Gearbox, hp:
maximal from each engine  2200
at take-off mode   2x2236
at nominal mode  2x1850
Weight, kg
Dimensions, mm:  
Length 1200
Width 885
Height 1765
Total Service Life, hours  3000
Service Life till Overhaul, hours  1000
Time Between Overhaul 1000
Storage time, years 10
Warranty period, hours 1000

JSC UWCA has been performing the overhaul of VR-24 Main Gearboxes since 2005.

Main Gearboxes of VR family have good reliability and resource rates.