Engine Compressor type
total pressure increase rate in standard conditions (under t=+15, P=760 mm of mercury column) 8,97+0,2
q-ty of stages 14
Combustion chamber:
type tubular
heads q-ty 12
Engine turbine:
type axial, jet
Q-ty of stages:
Turbocharger turbine 3
Free turbine 1
Power Capacity at nominal rating (under t=+15, P=760 mm of mercury column) 8560-170 h.p.
(6300-125 kW)
Shaft speed at nominal rating:
Of a turbocharger
Of a free turbine
8280 rpm (138,0 -1)
8200 rpm (136,7 -1)
Effective coefficient of engine’s efficiency not less than 26%
Fuel consumption
at nominal rating 1844 kg/h (0,512 kg/h)
at maximal rating
(under t=+15, P=760 mm of mercury column)
2250 kg/h (0,625 kg/h)
Max diameter
1520 mm
4742 mm
Dry Weight/strong>, not more than 3500 kg
Engine Resources, hours:
Time Between Overhaul
Total Service Life
(with possibility for extension up to 100000 hours)
Warranty period 5000 hours

JSC UWCA has been performing the overhaul and renewal (reconditioning repair) of NK-12ST engines since 2008.