Components Restoration

UWCA use special technological processes in repair of aviation and ground equipment.

Vacuum restoration methods

Vacuum-plasma technology of high energy.


Turbo compressor blades (-2 Covering)


Jet blades (-11 Covering)

Electron-beam welding

Restoration of: flame tube for GTD-350 engine; outworn ridges on binding flanges of blades in 1st, 2nd, 3rd turbine stages of NK-8-2U and NK-16ST Engines; welding of bushing 375.33.0057 and nozzle 375.33.0058 in TV3-117EU Engines.

Soldering in protective atmosphere

Repair of guide wheel by 100% replacement of blades.


Guide wheel of 7th stage in TV3-117 Engine.


Guide wheel of 4th stage in TV2-117 Engine.

Gas-thermal processes

Plasma spatter

Thickening coatings , -10, and and 20 series.


Rotor ring of 2nd compressor stage in NK-12ST engine, coating -10.

Thermo-barrier and anti-wear coatings on the basis of oxide zirconium with underlayer or -80.


Platter of combustion chamber for NK-16ST engine (coating / oxide zirconium).

Coatings for restoration of parts geometrics (powder series -80, -10, , 2080, bronze powder -1901 etc.)


Nozzle block of TV3-117 engine (coating 2080/)

Gas-plazma spatter

Restoration of:

  • Inner diameter of rotor rings in TV2-117,G and TV3-117 engines,
  • Outside surface of oil system block axes in TV3-117 engines
  • Inner diameter of Ist engine support frame in TV2-117,G engines,
  • Inner diameter of axial flow compressor in GTD-350 engines,
  • Sealing slots of compressor frame in GTD-350 engines.

Frame of 1st engine support, TV2-117A, AG

Electric-erosion alloying, hardening and spattering


Shaft of freewheeling clutch for VR-8 Main Gearbox. Restoration of cemented stages tear, restored wear O 85 (after testing).


Spring of main actuator 7942.2460 in TV2-117,G engines. Restoration of slots wear.

Thermal and chemical-thermal treatment.

Cementation, nitriding, calorizing.


Combustion chamber of NK-12ST engine. High-temperature annealing.

Surface-plastic hardening by microbeads and beads.

Parts hardening:

  • Oblique-spur gears in VR-8 and VR-14 Main Gearboxes;
  • Blades of compressor rotor 1st stage in TV3-117 Engines;
  • Turbine disks of I, II, III stages in NK-16ST Engines;
  • Working sections of turbine blades in NK-12ST and NK-16ST Engines;
  • Working sections of gas turbine blades GTK-10-4.



Galvanic shop of UWCA implements more than 20 technological processes for steel and nonferrous metals works.



Hard chrome plating


Anodic oxide coating




Chemical phosphate coating


Cadmium plating


Copper plating process

New technologies of parts repair

Our Plant has developed and successfully uses: the unique technological processes for restoration of rotor compressor parts geometrics in TV2-117, G and TV3-117 Engines; technological processes of protective erosion resistant coatings spraying.

Restoration of blades geometrics by argon arc welding.

Rotor compressor blade of 1st stage in V3-117 Engine. After operation with wear of entrance edge, restored with welding method — and after restoration and mechanical treatment.


To confirm the operability of blades restored by argon arc welding, the following tests were made:

  • Continuous tests on technological engine
  • Fatigue tests of blades


On the basis of results the following documents were released:

  1. Resolution 404-03-01 dated 25.03.2004
  2. Resolution 404-01-08 dated 27.11.2008


Protection of compressor air-gas channel parts from erosive wear.

Erosion resistant protective coating -7

Ion-plasma spraying. Implantation hardening and surface modification.


Layer thickness — from 30 nm.

Main features of coating:

  • Multilayer structure with alternation of damping layers and solid nitride layers;
  • Don’t decrease fatigue durability of basic material;
  • High adhesion with base;
  • Erosion durability increases minimally at 2 times;
  • In general climatic conditions is possessed of high erosion durability.

To confirm the operability of coating the following tests were made:

  • Erosion tests of blades at TV2-117, G and TV3-117 Engines;
  • Fatigue tests of compressor blades at TV2-117, G Engines (OJSC Perm Engine Company);
  • Fatigue tests high-pressure compressor blades at PS-90 (OJSC Perm Engine Company);
  • Tests for detection fatigue limits of 1st stage blades at TV3-117 (JSC KLIMOV);
  • Research under influence of multilayer erosion-resistant and corrosion-resistant coatings on service capabilities of steel 961 and alloy 8 (Russian R&D Institute of Aviation Materials).



On the basis of results the following documents were released:

  1. Additional data for passport 330 of steel 961;
  2. Additional data for passport 327 of steel 8-1;
  3. Bulletin 79-917-;
  4. Bulletin 78-032, 78-036.